Let there be no doubt!

Dear Friend,

let there be no doubt that everything we will be sorted out in a positive way.

There may be conspiracies of some sort as negatively influenced beings want to organize their interests. But because negative beings work not only against positive and neutral ones but also against each other and positive beings always work together the positive ones will always succceed. On top of that: whatever plan negative beings conceive – they will never fully understand the highest goal of what is and therefore their plans will always fail in the end.

But let there also be no doubt about your own existence. You are a being of light and you will transcend the material troubles. Let there be no doubt that you are able to get a grip on any situation that appears in your life. Here is how:

Whatever it is, that is influencing your life and needs improvement, wheter it is a spontaneously occuring situation or a longterm development, use the energy of your consious mind. Connect yourself with the higher plane, ask for support, ask for light. let the energy flow through your hands, use fingerpositions, if you are with other people do it discretely. Use your mind and let the higher energy pervade the situation and the people involved. Let the higher energy clean up that situation and turn any negative intentions useless.

Use this technique foremost for what is happening around you but you can also use it for bigger streams of events that are happing on your planet and thus join the group effort done by the many light workers and higher beings.

Let there be no doubt that you may not exactly control any situation, but be on top of whatever happens in your life.

In Love


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