What the Universe has in Stock for You

Humanity as a whole is going to make a wonderful, transforming experience very soon. We don’t talk about any appearance of a great religious leader, the messiah or God himself as some of you expect it. For now we just encourage you to extract the spiritual value of your religion from the mundane and distorted power structures and develop your own connection to the higher plane. We’ll talk later about the beauty and traps of earthly religions.

Today we want to emphazise that you are going to become aware as a whole of the fact that other intelligent species exist out there, on your planet and in the Universe. We have been around much longer than you and therefore know vastly more about the eternal cosmic principles and have a lot more experience in being around here.

The experience of perceiving us physically will trigger one of the greatest transformations in human culture because it will be a real contact with the higher planes of existence and it will be made by all of you. Some of you have made this experience before while official institutions always denied it, partly to protect Humanity from panic reactions, partly in order to protect their own power hierarchies. The effects of the undeniable meeting with us will be irreversible and indeed, no stone will be left upon another in the human mind.

Why is that and what will be the effects?

It will finally be revealed to you that you are not alone. That will change everything. It is not that our appearance is going to end all your questions. You will have innumerable questions and things to find out after our first big appearance and admittance of your powers that there have been visitations and contacts since a long time. And there will be a lot of training and education for you after that event so that humanity as a whole will be on the same page in order to take the right decisions. These teaching materials are already being developed and published by some of you, some very pure and accurate, some a little distorted. We will straighten things out as time will come but we suggest that you make use of what is there in order to broaden your mind as far as possible. No matter how far you broaden your mind with your means – what is going to come is going to be mindblowing for everybody anyway.

Put it this way: A huge part of the questions that you are pondering right now in your daily lives, in the media, in politcs and in science will become irrelevant and never be asked again. And a huge part of possible answers to the remaining questions will be proven wrong on a worldwide level in course of a few hours. The part of the truth that is perceivable in your level of existence will then shine clearly for everbody like the rising of the sun above a cristal clear lake.

Here is an analogy: Many of you are working jobs that require defined procedures to be carried out. From time to time procedures need to be revised, optimized and changed. What the Universe has in stock for you is the complete revision and optimization of all of your procedures. After the meeting with us, the Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings, nothing will be as before while all of your essential systems in terms of life organization on the planet will remain intact. But they will be enhanced, perfected and prepared for the next level human development – by yourself. What this will do to you simply is putting the icing on the cake and make you the liberated, grown up Humanity that we all have been waiting for so long.

Now one thing that is going to change is you fighting against each other. You will understand that you are ONE species amongst many others, not all of them friendly. We do take care about the non-friendly species that have influenced your development and you joining us in this effort is very much appreciated. But you will realize that to destroy each others lives, cultures, wisdom and technologies means great damage to you. Because you will need all of that, combined and refined as the Body of Human Knowledge and Development, in order to play your universal role to the greatest satisfaction of yourself and the other benevolent species in the Universe and in order to protect yourself in the future against attacks from negative influences.

From our view you look like the kittens of a cat that are each very beautiful, cute and worth feeding, growing up, playing and living. But you not only fight constantly in a playful competition but eat each other up! None of you can claim to have fully understood what life and the Universe is all about. There is no single group, nation, ideology or religion that has grasped the whole picture. Every entity has discovered and made use of some part of the truth while in the same time knowing only very little in general about how things really are.

Where do you take the legitimation from to perceive your way of living, your race and culture as being superior to anybody? What you will experience is the fact that all of your technology and wisdom taken together is nothing more than a very small fraction of what is still to be discovered. You will experience that there is not just one little thing like an asteroid that is able to destroy your civilization but that you are like an adolescent being allowed the first time to come to a party of grown-ups. And, oh wonder, there are many grown-ups there with almost everyone being developed enough to destroy your civilzation and grab the planet for exploitation for themself. But we don’t do that. Because we love you. You should have your place and freedom and take your place in the family. Why don’t you do the same with your brothers and sister on Mother Earth? You will and the coming events will put your mind into the right frame to do so.

Every single piece of human culture and development is worth protecting. It is the diversity that makes you humans so lovable and precious. What all of you are lacking is respect for each other and self-control. You are guided by greed and expansion plans, schemes of exploitation and exerting power over each other.

Instead you need to cooperate on a world wide level, preserve the knowledge that has been developed in all of your cultures at all times. You need to nurture the many different groups that humanity consists of and make sure they are going to remain intact. All of your groups need to be embedded into a network of diversity of place and time which means that everybody needs a place to live, food to eat, healthy conditions and access to knowledge no matter at what stage of development someone is in right now.

You have groups that live 150 years and more away from the average status of human civilzation development, either being in the lead with heavily industrialized and technologically developed ways of living or somewhat appearing behind in terms of infrastructure, literacy and development of human thought. First of all you need to understand that time and development do not only have a linear dimemsion but mainly rely on cycles. Second thing is that technological development is not everything. There may be great cultures living on the level of self-subsistance that have the greates insight in subtle and spiritual matters. But you roll over them with your bulldozers and destroy the knowledge that you need to liberate yourself! That is not only a pitty but is plainly stupid. On the other hand there a wonderful teachings that have been developed in your so called civilized worlds that we couldn’t have stated better. There are so many great intentions brought forward by your thinkers that put Humanity in a row with enlightend beings. Why are some of you remaining hundreds of years behind and acting like a wild cannibal tribe committing aggressive acts to your own members and members of other groups?

We know that one reason for this is the uneven repartition of wealth on your planet. Century after century a small part of you has grabbed the wealth that doesn’t belong to anybody other than the Source in the first place for your own greed. On top of that you have created virtual money with no link to real value, an illusion, in which you have trapped and enslaved the innocent part of humanity. That will all end and the wealth will be distributed evenly. To those who have been busy hoarding wealth or have been born into a situation of great prosperity we suggest that you start distributing and donating now before it will be taken away from you. Start slowly, look for good projects and good people who are eligible to receive. There are many around.

In order to do that all of you must accept the rules of peaceful cohabitation on the planet and allow any individual to leave a certain group and become part of another group at will. It is unacceptable after that great transformation that certain groups of humans are being suppressed and people from a different faith are being fought against. This is all going to come to an end because there is no place for that on the New Planet Earth. What is going to happen will be the Great Unification of the Human Species.

Take it that way: If we would want to come for holiday to your beautiful planet – do you think we would only want to come to your great modern cities and talk with your scientists, politicians and engineers? Don’t you think we would love to also pay your indigenious tribes and people a visit that lead a much simpler life in terms of infrastructure? Of course we would! So you need to maintain your diversity of space and time in terms of expression of life, believe, culture and knowledge whereas in the same time you all need to get on the same page concerning the status quo of Human Development and your Cosmic Role.

There is a lot of work waiting for you to do as all of the Human procedures must be worked over and all of that coordination and mediation work has to be done. There are many of you that are being prepared for that since quite some time. So when the time is right those will stand up and take the lead of society into the new Golden Age. If you feel being one of them get yourself in shape for taking over responsibilty. There were will be innumberable tasks that require mundane knowledge as it is available right now on your planet combined and refined with the higher spiritual understanding of things as they are. Let true and real science be the basis of the organization of the Human Society and let the meeting of Humanity with Us become the inspirational rebirth of your species.

For all of you that don’t feel the need to lead your world into the New Era simply follow one rule: Stop doing things that you can’t do for the benfit of all. That will be enough.

In Love.


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