We have contacted Joth since about 1986. In 1996 we have arranged a first out-of-body-experience for Joth and reestablished a working telepathic communication line. We are now using this channel to provide information for all those that are interested. You are free to believe or discard the messages that we provide through him.

Joth is not a pure, perfected being. English is not his mothertongue. We will seldomly provide technical information like dates, places and names because all of this information could be distorted through Joth’s 3-dimensional setting. But as Joth is regularly getting into telepathic communication with us we will provide him with images and messages, explanations and answers that he will post for you.

Joth is not a channel suggesting to speak directly for God or any main light being involved in the transformation of Planet Earth and the Human Species. He is simply one of us, like many of you, one of our space brother- and sisterhood group, who are working for the benefit of all.

We are not far away. We reside in ships around your planet and are building up strong connections to all those living entities whose mission is to actively help the transformation process in various ways. We, that is a changing group of individuals beings in a somewhat higher developed state than you are right now. It is easy for us to telepathically connect with Joth and anybody else who is interested in doing so.

If you have trouble in believing this then view it as a nice peace of space literature. We will allow comments and questions but for the sake of Joth and all those good souls that have been waiting and working for the New Era of Light we will not allow destructive posts and ask Joth to delete those.

Joth is placed in a regular human body, with common needs. He needs to work to maintain himself. Because time is limited in the material plane he can either spend his time working in the field of mundane work, make a living out of that and spend his free time working with us and for you. He could also spend most of his time communicating with us and for you and leave more mundane, nevertheless – if poperly perfomed – important work for others. You decide by your use of the donation button. This is the first and only time we will mention this because this blog is not about making money.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you, explaining our view of the things happening on and off Earth, giving advice, guidance and solace to those seeking for it. Be assured that the enlightment of your species, the liberation of the planet and the vivid exchange and communion with what you call positive Extraterrestrial Intelligence is the plan that is coming to fullfillment right now.

In Love

The Council


2 thoughts on “Welcome

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