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JOTH V2015This blog’s purpose is to raise awareness for the wonderful work of our friends and partners from L/L Research (Kentucky).

Based from our publishing house Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag (Germany), we are quoting here from their channeling transcripts and publications, which are all (also) freely available in the immense library of L/L Research.

We also do post bits and pieces of our translated publications in French, German and other languages, produced by our growing international team.

The material presented here has been received through L/L Research’s telepathic contact with – as they continually say – extraterrestrial beings. We hope that you’ll enjoy some of these messages as much as we do and find them to be great inspirations for your day!

In Love and Light,
Jochen Blumenthal

Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag (Deutschland)
Maison d’édition La Loi Une (Allemagne)


We are not ultimate authorities, we are your brothers and sisters

We would ask one favor this day, a favor you know that we always ask, that is that you use your discrimination to determine those words that we speak that are valuable to you, and leave the rest behind. We would not wish to be a stumbling block to any seeker of truth. We have perhaps traveled a bit further upon the same path that you find yourselves upon and we are happy to offer what we have learned to you from this journey that we have made, but we are not ultimate authorities, we are your brothers and sisters, as indeed the entire Creation is of one being and each of us finds our source within that one being, the One Infinite Creator. We are all brothers and sisters on this journey of seeking reunion with the One.

by Q’uo, for all Confederation teachers






die Schöpfung. Sie

nähren das Herz. Wenn du dich öffnest,

um die subtilen Strahlen der stillen Schöpfung zu

fühlen, wirst du Dankbarkeit in alle Richtungen verspüren.

Du wirst auf tiefste Weise geliebt und kannst dir der Fülle, der

Schönheit und der Sicherheit von Liebe bewusst sein. Diese Liebe

birgt auch eine Verantwortung: sie mit einem Universum

zu teilen, das sich über seine eigene Großartigkeit

noch viel zu wenig bewusst


Simple living, high thinking

rural-beauty-1044016_640Our way of life is simple but it requires great understanding. This understanding will come slowly because of your prior conditioning on this planet. If you were living with us at present you would find it quite simple because you would have the understanding.

Many times as you go onward and upward you will find many problems that require new understanding. Eventually your understanding will cover all things. That is your ultimate goal, understanding of the Father’s Creation.

When you reach greater understanding and are able to control yourself, many things will be known to you. Patience is a great necessity. To learn is to grow, to grow is to understand, to understand is to love, to love is the Father’s wish for all his children. Prepare now the firm foundation for the things to follow.

It has been my privilege. I am Latue your friend and brother, Adonai Vasu.


3 From meditation to service

Die Brücke

The importance of meditation cannot be over-emphasized. Through this technique you will receive answers to all of your questions.

It may be difficult to realize this, but it is true. All of your questions can be reduced to an extremely simple concept which you can become aware of in meditation.

Once you have achieved this you will be ready to serve, just as others have served and are now serving upon your planet. Follow their example and spend time in meditation.

Qualify yourself to reach out your hand to your fellow man and lead him out of the darkness of confusion back into the light that he seeks.



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2 All you can give

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILTrue progress occurs beyond the dimensions of time and space.

What you do for one person you’ll do for all.

Your meditation is the entirety of all that you can give.

Continue to pursue your seeking and keep yourself, through daily meditation, well-grounded in the Creation of the Father, for there is a lot of work to do.

in Meditation, Initiation series (II)

The opportunity to share love in any amount

If your desire and your intention is to be of service to others, to aid Mother Earth in her birthing of that fourth-density being which is you and many, many others at a future time, as you would call it, then you may see the opportunity to share love in any amount, in any form, with any entity, at any time, for indeed, each moment contains love. Part of the great riddle of your existence is to find love in all moments.

It is quite easy, as you know, in most; some moments seem to contain none. If it seems to you that there is no love in any moment that you experience, perhaps it is your opportunity then to offer your love to that moment. We do not ask you become evangelists or proselytizers; we ask you to simply radiate that which is the heart of your being, for in each heart there beats the rhythm of love, the revelation of light, the truth of unity, the Father there rests within. Seek the Creator within yourself and all other selves in whatever form that has meaning to you, whether it be love, whether it be service, whether it be light, whether it be potential realized, whether it be hopes yet unrealized, whether it be the dreams of a more harmonious experience upon the planet.

Yes, all of you are both teacher and student to your Mother Earth who is both teacher and child to you. This is true throughout the One Creation upon every planet that has any type of intelligent life upon it. My friends, we assure you that each planet has some form of intelligent life, for all is made of the One Creator of intelligent energy.

by The Principle of Q’uo, channeled by L/L Research on October 15, 2016

This Holy Day

An inspirational message for September 29

I am the spirit of the living God and I greet you in the full consciousness which is the love of Jesus the Christ.

See before you now an holy day!

Hold your hands before you and know that if you dwell within the spirit of love these hands may be instruments of love to do divine work in a divine world.

Gaze at your feet, holy feet which may carry you to no place which is not holy.

Sense the pounding of your heart and the movement of blood in the veins. This is an holy body in and of itself and more and more full of self-awareness of love as the mind and heart love and dedicate this body to the principle of love.

Ask the mind and heart to love and dedicate this body to the principle of love.

You do not know what you might manifest within this day and night to come. You do not know what troubles shall arise which seem so persuasively to point to things that are not blessed. Yet within each abuse of body, mind and spirit there lies that soul, that infinite intelligence which is masked to the human eye but which is never absent from the spiritual picture of your day.

Know, and know in a deep and final way, that all things tend to good; that all disharmony tends towards love; that all despair tends towards hope, and all loss tends towards inner realization. And embrace each and every aspect of your experience in the firm faith of Christ, seemingly crucified, forever alive.

We leave you in Christ’s own peace, now and always.

from A Book of Days, Channeling from the Holy Spirit (Carla Rueckert)